The Fascinating World Of Domokun Toys

Toys have been with us for generations and have been considered as one of the simplest yet effective ways by which young infants and children can be kept engaged. It certainly helps in improving the inquisitiveness of children and helps their young minds to grow in the right way. Male and female children might have different likes and dislikes towards certain types of toys. However, there are some toys which go well with both male and female children of different ages. There is no doubt that there are thousands of makes and models of toys in the marketplace and as we read this article, it is quite possible that a few new brands might have entered the market.

Domokun is one such name which has been around for many years and amongst thousands of parents and children, it is considered to be one of the most reliable names as far as toys are concerned. Hence, it would be interesting to know more about the history of the famous domo doll and other toys are concerned. We will therefore share our experiences about this famous toy brand in the market and also find out the reasons why it has become so very popular. We will also have a look at a few types of toys and other related items which come out from the stables of domo Japanese company. We are sure it will help our customers to have some decent and useful information about the various types of toys which this company offers to its customers.

A Brief Look At The History

Whether it is dome anime or dome backpack and other allied items, one need to go back in time to know more about this organization and the legacy it is carrying forward. The word Domokun has emerged from the word Domo. Domo is a Japanese word and it actually stands for “thank you”. In fact Domo is the official symbol and mascot of a renowned Japanese public broadcaster NHK. It is a very popular mascot in Japan and over the years it has grown beyond the borders of this country and is now present in many other countries of the world. The brand name Domo made its first appearance in the year 1998 on December 22.

It was to mark the 10th anniversary of NHK which as we mentioned above is a renowned broadcasting company in Japan. Eventually the phrase Kun was added to it which helped to describe the various characters that were a part of the Domo name. It is basically an honorable way of addressing young males in Japan. Hence when you come across any domo figure you must bear in mind that there is a history behind it which is almost 20 years now. The various products and services which are a part of the entire Domokun family are built around the various characters which were introduced in the various TV programs of Japan.

Over a period of time all these names characters become iconic and the products also were identified with the brand Domokun. As mentioned earlier today the brand name is synonymous with a variety of products and toys are a part of their portfolio. We will try and have a look at the various products which belong to this family and it could range from domo bags to domo kun t shirt and much more.

Some Stories Revolving Around Domo

It also makes sense to know some stories that surround Domo. According to some mythological beliefs, domo came to life because it was hatched from an egg. Since it is a shy and introvert creature, it always prefers to live underground with a rabbit. The name of the rabbit is Usajii. Domo loves to spend his time watching television. This perhaps explains the fact that many young infants prefer to keep their domo toy beside them even when they are watching TV. There are many homes where Domo has become a part of the daily life of children. They carry the toys with them wherever they go and even sleep with them. Being lightweight it is not a big problem to carry to toys around wherever the children move

Another funning thing about this character is that it gets nervous and afraid quite easily. It has a unique way of expressing itself when it is afraid. It is known to pass gas and this certainly adds a lot of humor and fun as far as this toy is concerned. Whether it is a giant domo or some other toy you can be sure that it will make some weird noises when it is afraid. This is more a belief and it is unlikely that it will happen for when one uses the toys. Therefore there is lot of interesting stories and myths surrounding this toy and this go a long way in making it one of the best buys in the market for children.

The Spread Of Domo

Though Domo was basically a Japanese invention, over the past many years it has made its presence in many other countries too. Today it has footprints in almost all major countries and markets of the world. It was introduced to the English speaking nations quite a few years back. This happened perhaps in 2002 when there was a photo shopped image of Domokun toys making rounds on the internet.

It was referred to with some funny phrases which caught the attention of many end users. This became a highly popular catchphrase and since then the growth story of Domo in many English speaking has been quite impressive to say the least.

It hit the American markets in September 2008. It was the formal Halloween Mascot in USA and it received very good response which led to it becoming available in major online stores in USA including the likes of Amazon and EBay. The mascot appeared extensively in displays and posters nationally and this certainly gave it a push and it has today become one of the most sought after toy brands in USA.

It certainly is a big market for Domokun and there are obviously reasons for this. The following year there was another extensive round of campaign and it was called the 7-eleven campaign. This was in the form of commercials and a limited amount of promotional materials in the form of cups were also distributed. There was also food packaging and other such things were Domokun was actively promoted. In the year 2009 Tokyo Pop came out with an exclusive Domo manga series which was in English targeted towards US customers and readers. Hence all these activities and much more resulted in the rapid growth of Domo in USA and other English Speaking countries. Today a significant part of the entire Domokun toy sales comes from many English speaking countries and also other non-English speaking countries like China and India. Therefore there is no denying the fact that they certainly have a pan world presence in the true sense of the term.

Domo Clothes

Let us get started with the many variants of domo body wears. The famous domo shirt is quite famous and popular with a number of customers and they are available in various online outlets and brick and mortar outlets. These shirts are for young men who look for exclusivity and they come in different colors, shapes and sizes. Apart from formal shirts, they also have a wide collection of t shirts with the Domo emblem being visible quite well. Therefore the next time when you walk into a dome store or domo shop you must spend some time finding out more about the t shirts which have their own special features. They are made from high quality cotton and the color ranges in which they are available are quite impressive according to many customers.

Domo Toy Collections

Now that we have some basic understanding about the garments and body wears that are a part of the entire domo kun merchandise, we will try and have a look at the collection of domo toy which has a huge fan following and millions of children are crazy about it. The list is quite big and it may not be possible to have a look at each one of them in detail. However, we will talk about a few collections of such toys so that the readers and the customers are able to get some basic idea about the same.

Domo Plush Toy

domokun plush

If you love toys there is no way you can ignore the wonderful and highly popular domo plush toy. These toys are made from high quality plush materials. It is a wonderful combination of cotton, wool, and silk and therefore it is considered to be one of the coziest and user friendly toys available in the market today. The toys are fluffy and they come in many different sizes shapes and animal forms. There are also some toys which resemble some mysterious animals which perhaps do not exist on the face of the earth. The domo kun plush toys are also known for being eco friendly and they do not cause any harm to the children and infants who use them. They are free from any kind of toxic substances and therefore are considered extremely safe. Therefore it would not be a bad idea to spend some time looking at the selections which they have in this category.

Stuffed Animals

Apart from plush toys there is also a big demand for domo stuffed animal collections and here too the list is quite high and therefore one needs to spend some time having a closer look at it. Children both boys and girls above the age of two will find it irresistible to own and play with this fascinating toy. Hence the next time when you visit any domo kun shop you would be advised to have a closer look at these wonderful stuffed toys. As is the case with domo plush toys the collection is quite wide and we will restrict ourselves to a few such toys. We are hopeful that it will give a much better idea about the many reasons as to why they could be a good buy.

Domo The Monster 

Children who hear and see various stories that revolve around monsters and other eerie characters will certainly find domo the monster to be one of the best choices for them. These dolls do look monstrous and they are available in different sizes and colors. They come with the famous Domokun logo and emblem attached to it. This is again a stuffed toy and the trademark teeth and red mouth combined with an odd looking face and eyes makes it quite unique and perhaps even scary for many children especially the younger ones.

It generally comes with a size of 16 inches and also is considered to be highly funny and adorable once the child gets used to it. It is not recommended for children below three years because there is a risk of suffocating if the toy is put in the mouth by the children. It could help parents to wean away children from too much of TV watching or playing with the computers and mobile phones. It is long lasting and made from high quality materials that can be easily washed.

So when it comes to toys on the one hand you have the finest collections of domo plush toys. Within this category you could also go in for giant domo plush for those who wish to have toys of bigger size and dimension. However, these toys could be suitable for children who are beyond the age of five or six because they will be able to carry it around and make the best use of it.

Where To Buy Domokun

The above is just a small idea about the different types of Domokun range of toys that are available in the market today. If you are keen on knowing more about the entire range of toys available from the stables of Domokun, you should spend some time on the internet where you will get a lot of useful and pertinent information. You must certainly spend some time on the website of the company which will give you the right insight and information which you might be on the lookout for.

There are many brick and mortar stores where you can buy these wonderful toys. Many of them are authorized and therefore you can expect to get the widest variety and also the same could be available at the best rates. On the other hand, you could also look at some reputed and well known ecommerce online portals like Amazon and EBay. These outlets also stock and sell some of the best varieties of toys from the house of Domokun.

You also can expect to get the most competitive prices when you buy it from these outlets. You will also be able to get reasonably accurate information about the features of the toys and also the way it functions. You will also be able to view some of the best reviews from customers who have used these toys and this certainly will help you to make the right choice.

While there is nothing wrong in buying domodomo toys from the brick and mortar outlet the online outlets certainly offer you a better variety and perhaps even a better pricing. This is possible because of the fact that the online outlets are in a position to reduce the expenses which are a part of any brick and mortar store. This could be in the form of sales staff, support staff, logistics, office space, electricity and other recurring expenses.

All these could be avoided or reduced quite significantly when you buy the famous pink domo or other toys from online outlets. You will also be able to perhaps even get a better deal when it comes to warranty and guarantee terms and conditions. However, at the end of the day, the decision is best left to the consumer and he or she could choose the right medium depending on his or her comfort level and requirements.


Advantages Over Other Toys

It is a known fact that the entire toy market is quite competitive and as far as soft toys are concerned, there are dozens of players. Therefore making the right choice often becomes quite difficult because of a number of reasons. But there are obviously some good takeaways as far as Domokun toys are concerned. It would therefore he interesting to have a look at a few of them over the next few lines.

First and foremost there is a big history and perhaps even some mythological beliefs surrounding the brand name and this has been one of the biggest drivers of success as far as these toys are concerned. Customers in general and young children in particular are able to easily identify with this brand of toy because it has some unique features and specialties. The trademark teeth, the yawning and big red mouth, the funny eyes and the weird shape of the face are a perhaps a few things which set it apart from many other such toys in the market today.

The plush toys in particular have found a lot of acceptance from millions of children across the world. They look slick and are very cozy and comfortable when held in hands.

They are also made from high quality material and the manufacturers claim that they are free from toxic materials which make it safe for children in particular.

The fact that it comes from the Japanese brain is also something that has gone down well with many customers. Japanese goods are known for their quality and when compared to Chinese goods they are far better. The price is also favorable when compared to many other such soft toy brands especially from the European and American markets.

The variety of toys that are available in the market as far as Domokun brand is concerned, has to be experienced to be believed. They have a wide collection of toys covering almost many age groups and therefore they are able to attract a wide section of customers.

There are many parents who are of the belief that many children are addicted to this toy. This works to their advantage because it seemingly helps children to spend lesser time watching mundane and useless TV programs or spending time playing computer games and mobile games. It inculcates a sense of team play amongst children which is missing so much these days.


The Final Word

However, when one looks at the various pros, cons and the market of Domokun toys in its entirety, it is quite obvious that they have been able to weave a success story within a very short period of time. The hallmark and stamp of class is very much evident in all the toys, shirts and other such products which emanate from the stables of Domokun.