Domo 5 Plush Doll Set 8 inches – Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green and Orange

5 plush domo

Domo 5 Plush- Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green and Orange. Yep, that's right, FIVE!!!!

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Domo-Kun 32-inch Huge Jumbo Plush

Huge Domo!

Don't be afraid! This HUGE Domo will not eat you! but he just may eat everything else in his path.

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Domo Jumbo – Big 31″ Plush

big Jumbo domo

Domo Jumbo 31" Plush. This is a big guy! Use him for a display, or just for fun! If the gift of a regular sized domo plush says 'I love you', this big guy says 'I love you...lots and lots more...??!!" :-)

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Domo-kun – Super Domo 7″ Plush

super domo!

Domo-kun - Super Domo 7" Plush. I don't care who you are, this guy is cool....

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Domo Cat Hat

Domo Cat Hat

Domo wearing a cute cat hat, check out the Domo cat ears! Sure to please the domo-lover who has everything! Measures approximately 6.5 inches tall Non removable hat Soft and cuddly plush Limited edition,  order today!  

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Domo and Pink Plush

Domo and Pink

See larger image Domo Kun Ultra Soft Plush Dolls - Domo Kun Stuffed Animals (2 Piece Set) (Toy) 6" & 10" New From: $35.50 USD In Stock Used from: Out of Stock What could be better than Domo?  How about two Domos? Measures approximately 10in and 6in High quality ultra soft plush Made of polyester…

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Domo Large 16″ Plush


Large 16" Domo - Yep, he's HUGE and the price it right!

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Domo Kun and Pink 2 Plush Doll Set

Domo Kun and Pink Dolls

See larger image Domo - Domo Kun and Pink 2 Plush Doll Set 6-8 inches (Toy) new 6-8 inches.  You get both Pink and Domo for one price.  Soft, sturdy and adorable!  What could be cuter than Domos in love? New From: $45.50 USD In Stock Used from: Out of Stock

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Domo the Red Nosed…Reindeer?

Domo Rudolf Reindeer

See larger image Licensed 2 Play Domo Reindeer Plush, Small (Toy) Domo is a mysterious creature that hatched from an egg. He has monster-like features but he conceals a gentle soul in a body of pure fluff. List Price: $14.99 USD New From: 0 Out of Stock Used from: Out of Stock Seriously cool stocking…

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Domo-kun Karate Plush Set – 2 Piece Set

2 domos in dojo outfits

Domo-kun 8.5" Karate Plush Set - 2 Piece Set

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